NUTRIMIX - Formulation System

Imperative to the feed industry is the ability to formulate composites, supplements and premixes at low cost while making the best use of the provided raw materials. This can be done only by utilizing complex biological and mathematical models handled by powerful computer software.
NUTRIMIX v7 is a software which allows the best use of biological models, is easy to use and evaluates information related to traditional formulation systems.
NUTRIMIX v7 is organized to logically represent all the phases through which the nutritionist develops the formulation.
Feed management
This area has a swift and effective database. The nutrients assigned to single feed reflect the current trends regarding ruminant and monogastric feeding.
The particularity is about a powerful automatic evaluation software that have various parameters, as well as energetic value and ruminal kinetics of aliments.
The nutrients are calculated beginning with basic chemical parameters resulting from lab analysis and then assigning a wide array of biological constrints that correspond to every feed type.
The software has an internal verification function, that allows the identification of the feed type and, depending on the input, determines the most suitable regressions.
Upon request, the documentation related to the test criteria, along with the used regressions and their references, can be provided to the license holder. The basic program can be equipped with a Feed Library containing numerous references and examples which have been analyzed with the system created by Cornell University through collaborations with affiliated labs and used in CNCPS, CPM Dairy and NRC models.
Cost Management
It is possible to assign different prices to ingredients in each working group, and to select the measurement of reference for each unit (kg/lbs or tons). At all times, one can view and compare costs without laborious conversion.
It's the core feature of NUTRIMIX v7; the formulas can be created and analyzed, both nutritionally and economically, through two different systems:
  •  Analytical system (or "What if"): it is possible to view in "real-time" the effects of a change made on the considered formula. The final features of the formula are the result of the weighted average of the nutrients from each single ingredient.
  •  Linear Programming Formulation Model: the linear programming is applied to the formula, allowing to take advantage of a series of operational functions, such as :
  1.  Least cost: formulation at the lowest possible cost given a set of constraints on the ingredients and nutrient
  2.  Alternative solution: comparison of formulas calculated according to different criteria (e.g. maximize inclusion of particular categories of ingredients, ecc.)
  3.  Infeasible index: feasibility index to rate the viability of the resolution, according to the constraints set; even if the solution is not feasible, NUTRIMIX v7 suggest various possibilities, and the most acceptable solution under the constraints set
  4.  Sensitivity: evaluation of costs and benefits in proportion to the constraints set by modifying the original problem.
  5.  Evaluation: economic evaluation of ingredients available and limiting nutrients.
Highlights of the formulation section which benefit the user are:
  •  quick and easy material database search (even through the search key);
  •  features of the best premix;
  •  examination and economic evaluation of cost changes;
  •  nutrients exam;
  •  high number of customizable nutritional parameters;
  •  the possibility to handle different set costs.
Formulation UtilityNUTRIMIX v7 is built to make several evaluations and analyses on the formula. It better organizes the formulation through:
  •  Inclusion in the formula
  •  Use of ingredients
  •  Current inventory
  •  Replacing ingredients
  •  Recalculation analysis
  •  Transfer to another division or group
  •  Transfer to the historical
  •  Recovering from historical
  •  Parking formulas

Import – Export

NUTRIMIX v7 can be linked with the main formulation and rationing software, such as: NDS, Format NC, Brill Feed Formulation.

NUTRIMIX v7 is able to import the chemical results of the raw materials from lab software. It can then do the nutritional evaluation and if possible, export the data in a format these softwares can utilize. Analytical results of feeds can be provided for correct use in the rationing phase. In the same way it can receive the analytical features of feeds, composites and premixes created by other software so that they can be correctly used in other formulations.
Link to Mix Card
Software for feed plans that is able to import formulas directly from the main formulation software on the market, and store them in a historical database, so they can be examined in multiple versions of the same formula, printed in different formats. The details for individual production and the daily or periodic production schedule can be predisposed. Following a feasibility analysis it's also possible to set up custom procedures on dosing system already installed.

Program info

Base Package
  •  Working Group management
  •  Set Cost Management
  •  User Parameters
  •  Least cost formulation and formulation utilities
  •  RUM&N Feed Library
Additional Modules
  •  Feed Tags
  •  Mix Card
  •  NUTRIMIX SQL Server