The RUM&N Company

Founded in the mid 80’s, RUM&N has since committed itself to extension service oriented to ruminant (Dairy Cattle and Beef, Water Buffalo, Sheep and Goat) nutrition and management.

Using the most recent knowledge and research in the field, we have enthusiastically and capably devoted ourselves to the study and improvement of nutrition management for ruminant animal production This dedication has led us to focus in the following areas:

  • Nutrition management as it pertains to the improved animal production, efficiency, and well-being.
  • Business management with reference to the analysis of the technical data, job organization, and overall profitability of animal product production.
  • The improvement of milk quality in order to ensure high product yield, including cheese and other value-added products.
  • Optimization of the crop production, especially the production of high quality forages.

The formulation of products for animal consumption, nutritional evaluation of raw materials, support to formulation offices, and training and support of field nutritionists have always been core activities dedicated to the feed and premix industries.

These varied activities have always stimolated us to move forward and advance technical information, data processing, and technological instruments. We strive to provide the most current and advanced technology to promote precision feeding of animals. For this reason, in 1990 RUM&N was reorganized to accommodate a new Software Division in addition to the Extension Service Division. Its specific task is to promote, distribute and support computer software for agricultural and livestock activities. The division has expanded since its founding, and has changed over time to provide the most advanced services possible.


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