Extension Service

Nutritional & Management Support

We provide assistance and support to allow producers and nutritionists to make the most educated management decisions. Our worldwide support system allows application of the most current biology available for ruminant nutrition.Our focus is to support the following activities :
  •  study of nutrition and feeding plans
  •  study and optimization of individual rations
  •  analysis of utilization of off-farms feeds
  •  chemical analysis and nutritional evaluation of available feeds
  •  support of the quality improvement of forages and storage techniques
  •  impediments to management
  •  implementation of management systems
  •  analysis of production costs
  •  analysis of economic and technical results

Formulation support

We provide services for the formulation activities of the modern feed supplier. Our focus is to support the following activities:
  •  design and formulation of new feeding products
  •  establishment of optimization constraints with cost analysis
  •  verification and management of Feed Banks
  •  nutritional analysis of available raw materials
  •  support of research and development efforts.


At RUM&N, we understand the need to promote high efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness throughout the animal feed industry. Our goal is to provide comprehensive technical training using the most current scientific research available. Users will have training and support ranging from the most basic level to the needs of the highly specialized professional.
Our training services support the following activities:
  •  basic nutrition training of sales agents
  •  advanced training of nutritionists
  •  training to improve knowledges on biological models
  •  training on advanced use of dynamic nutritional software
  •  training regarding the collection of a farm's technical data and then evaluating the results